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    Using CATS Workflows to Send Email Notifications of Assessment Completions

    Posted by HighMatch Knowledge Base on Nov 19, 2021 1:26:43 PM

    Learn how to use CATS Workflows to send an email notification with assessment scores and reports whenever a candidate completes a Berke assessment.

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    Topics: connect other tools

    Using your Taleo Connector

    Posted by HighMatch Knowledge Base on Nov 19, 2021 1:24:43 PM

    A step-by-step guide to using your Taleo Connector for inviting candidates to take assessments and assigning assessments to requisitions.

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    Topics: connect other tools

    Using your Workday Connector

    Posted by HighMatch Knowledge Base on Nov 19, 2021 1:24:37 PM

    A step-by-step guide to using your Workday Connector for inviting candidates to take assessments and assigning assessments to requisitions.

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    Topics: connect other tools

    Creating Auto-Assignment Rules

    Posted by HighMatch Knowledge Base on Nov 19, 2021 1:24:32 PM

    A step-by-step guide to creating a Job Auto-Assignment Ruleset to automatically match inbound job names with Berke jobs. This will eliminate manually assigning your ATS jobs to Berke jobs via an email notification process. If you regularly open a large number of requisitions, this feature will save you significant time and ensure jobs in your ATS and jobs in Berke are synchronized and immediately available.

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    Topics: connect other tools

    Full API Documentation

    Posted by HighMatch Knowledge Base on Nov 19, 2021 1:24:27 PM

    Our Berke platform offers several technologies to integrate our assessments and reporting tools with your systems, including an API for direct integration, and webhooks for event-driven notifications.

    Berke's integration tools enable you to create custom assessment workflows using your company's systems and processes. The combination of our personalization features (Berke login required) and our comprehensive API enable you to create powerful, 100% private-labeled solutions.

    You can use the Berke's integration tools to:

    • combine the Berke Assessment with hosted and behind-the-firewall applicant tracking systems and HRIS platforms.
    • create sophisticated assessment workflows tailored specificially to your business and jobs.
    • display Berke scores and reports in your backoffice systems.

    Enable the Berke API

    Please contact Berke's Customer Success team to add the Berke API to your account.

    Works with your technology

    The Berke API uses industry-standard XML and JSON method calls over a secure HTTPS connection that will work with your IT departments development tools, whether your company uses Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Microsoft C#/VB.NET, or Python.

    Powerful tools to accelerate your developers

    To assist your developers, all of the API methods includes comprehensive documentation to explore and learn the API. Berke's Developer Mode helps your developers rapidly complete the assessment to generate test data and webhook events, saving time and effort. Your developers should also take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Highly configurable and completely personalized for your company

    Please visit the following to configure and personalize the API:

    • Visit API Settings (Berke login required) to manage your API key, set your default API user, and manage your anonymous report settings.
    • Visit Job Assignments (Berke login required) to tell the API the ID your company uses to identify the jobs you want to assess and score. When you create an assessment via the API, you will pass in a previously assigned job ID to tell Berke which job assessment you want the participant to complete. Assigned job IDs are also used when retrieving scores to assign a Berke Job Score back to your internal systems.
    • Visit Assessment Personalization (Berke login required) to customize your assessment welcome and completion messages, configure whether Berke automatically sends your participants back to a URL of your choice, configure your default email invitation template, and add your company logo.
    • Visit Report Personalization (Berke login required) to private-label Berke reports with your company's logo.
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    I took your assessment recently and have questions. Who do I ask?

    If you have been invited to complete an assessment and have questions about the next steps in your employment application or about the assessment itself, please contact the hiring manager at the company you applied with for any questions first.

    HighMatch won't be able to assist you with those as we only administer the assessment, and have no influence over the results.

    If you encountered a technical difficulty while trying to take the assessment that only HighMatch can handle, the hiring manager will make sure to get your question to us.

    How do I add a new assessment?

    Log into your HighMatch account. Go to your Assessments tab and click the “Add Assessment” button at the top of the page. Pick an assessment, and download the corresponding questionnaire.

    Fill out the answers based on the type of traits you would like to measure or the position you are interested in comparing candidates with, then email the document back to us at jobs@highmatch.com.

    Your assessment gets created within one business day and is then ready to use. You can read more about the assessments and creating them (as well as see screenshots) in our Understanding the Assessments Tab tutorial

    How do I add a new user?

    Log into your HighMatch account. In the upper right menu by the HighMatch logo is a menu item for “Settings.” Click it and then select “Users” from the available options (if you cannot see the option for “Users,” you do not have the correct permission level to add a new user). At the top of the Users page is an “Add User” button. Click it and answer the questions about your new user, then hit the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to add the user to your account. You can see screenshots of this process in our Adding New Users tutorial.

    How do I send an assessment invitation?

    Log into your Berke account. On the People tab, click either “Assess Person” or “Assess Group” depending on if you want to invite an individual person to an assessment or a group of people. A window will open with questions about whom you are inviting, how to contact them, etc. Answer the questions and submit the page using the buttons at the bottom to send. You can read more about the People tab and inviting candidates in our Understanding the People Tab tutorial.

    My candidate didn't receive an invitation. What can I do?

    After verifying that the invitation is not in the candidate’s spam box, check to ensure their email address is correct. You can do this by logging into your Berke account and going to the People tab. Perform a search to find your candidate and click on their name in the table results. This will open their profile. Check the contact information section to verify their email address is correct (as well as the rest of their information) and select the “Save” button to save any changes. This will take you back to the table results. Click the button to “Re-send Invite” (it may say “Start or Invite”) to issue a new invitation.

    If the email address was already verified as correct, and the candidate is still unable to locate the invitation, you may want to invite the candidate to take the assessment on a computer in your office as an alternative. Clicking on the “Start or Invite” button next to the candidate’s name will allow you to open an instance of the assessment on a local computer instead of sending an email invite.

    How do I update the billing/CC info for my account?

    Send an email to our Billing team at billing@berkeassessment.com. You will then be sent a secure link where that information can be updated.

    How are the HighMatch traits defined?

    You can see an interactive write-up of all the traits and skills HighMatch measures on our assessment feature’s page.

    How does the weighing affect a candidate's score? (High / Med / Low impacts)

    At HighMatch, selection profiles include a combination of thinking traits (i.e. aptitudes or cognitive abilities) and behavioral traits (i.e. personality qualities). Job roles are different. Organizations are different. Therefore, the unique combination of behavioral and thinking traits that will best predict success in a job will be different. At HighMatch, we build our hiring profiles using decades of research on personnel selection as our foundation. That research consistently indicates that the best hiring profiles include measures of job relevant thinking traits and behavioral traits.

    Our hiring profiles are organized into three sections: High Impact (Job Critical), Medium Impact (Job Relevant), and Low Impact (Less Essential). Job candidates who are “missing the mark” on High Impact traits lack a critical aptitude or personality quality that is related to job success, and therefore, their overall “fit” for that role is called into question. Candidates who miss a target range on Medium Impact traits may have room for development in key areas that could improve their overall performance. No single trait will “make or break” someone’s ultimate job success. Our job fit algorithm takes that into account and provides you with important information that will help further evaluate the candidate’s likelihood of success in the role for which they’re being considered.

    How do I compare my candidate to multiple jobs?

    Log into your HighMatch account. Find the candidate you want to compare within your People tab results and open their report. In the upper right will be a dropdown menu next to the three green buttons for downloading, emailing, and printing reports. Click on the dropdown and it will show you a list of all the positions currently listed within your account. If a Job Fit Score is available for the position, it will be shown next to the title. If there is not, it means the candidate will require further assessing before a score may be determined. Choose the position you want to compare the candidate against to open a Job Fit report specific to that job. To read more about reports and comparing candidates to positions, visit our tutorial on Understanding Reports.