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HighMatch's BenchMarking Services: Insights From Our I-O Expert

By Meredith Stack on February, 28 2022

Organizations that complete a HighMatch Benchmark study have an easier time filtering talent pools so they can find those specific candidates that align most with the traits that have historically made your organization better. 

What's a Benchmark Study and what does it accomplish? 

A benchmark study uses an assessment to first collect data from your employees, we then synthesize the results to uncover the traits that are most common and consistent amongst your top performers. This data can then be used to filter candidates based on the traits that most commonly contribute to success. 

But for a better explanation, checkout this quote from our very own I-O Expert, Melissa Kapnek MA, SPHR, SHRM-CP, FPC: 

“The benchmark process entails having the HighMatch team analyze data for each employee, and looking at which target ranges within our personality and cognitive traits are statistically effective at separating your high performers from your lower performers.

Once the benchmark analyses are completed (one job title = one benchmark), we'll send you a write-up of the results, which will explain how the profiles were determined, and what each of the traits mean in that context. We'll also schedule a call to go over the process, the results, and answer any questions you or anyone on your team may have.

At the end of the benchmark process, you'll have a predictive job profile for each of those roles- with the intent being that if someone scores 'high' on the Berke assessment as compared to the job profile they're applying for, they'll be comparable to your high performers. You'll be able to send out the assessments to candidates for the role, knowing that you're looking for a 'high' job fit, in order to find people who will be successful in the job.”

For more information regarding HighMatch's Benchmarking services, click here.  

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