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HighMatch’s Talent Insights Training

By Merhawi Kidane on April, 1 2022

Get the most out of HighMatch's hiring insights 

Not only does HighMatch work to get companies much needed insight into their hiring efforts, but our services team also trains clients on how to best incorporate insights into every step of the recruitment funnel.

Build a better understanding of what our platform measures as well as how to best incorporate these insights into multiple stages of your hiring process. 

A training session with our services team will cover:  

  • How HighMatch measures a candidate’s core personality traits and talents.

  • How much weight HighMatch results should carry in making a hiring decision.
  • HighMatch’s methodology for identifying the traits necessary for success in a specific job.
  • How Job Fit Reports identify matches and mismatches with job requirements.
  • An in-depth review of each element of a HighMatch Profile to ensure managers understand every
  • Explanation of HighMatch terminology and the definitions of the personality traits and talents we
  • Identifying how the combination of certain traits and talents impact performance, actions, and
    team dynamics.
  • How to use the Guide that accompanies each Job Fit Report to conduct a comprehensive
    behavior-based interview.

And the best part? HighMatch’s training is a complementary part of most clients’ subscription. 

Connect with a Support Specialist today to check applicability and to schedule a training session.  

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