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Shortening Assessments to Fit your Specific Hiring Needs

By Merhawi Kidane on March, 31 2022

A prolonged hiring process can cost you quality candidates

To help companies expedite their hiring efforts and get highly qualified candidates onboarded fast, HighMatch gives hiring teams the ability to easily shorten their assessments so they can increase the number of completions they receive. 


You’re losing out on quality candidates

The most competitive candidates are likely interviewing with multiple companies and whoever can move applicants through the hiring funnel the quickest, wins. This leaves companies with prolonged hiring processes left with low completion rates due to candidates choosing to move forward with a company, or just losing interest in the company entirely. 


HighMatch only measures what matters the most

Even with a shortened assessment, HighMatch still works to filter your applicants to find the best fitting candidates possible. This is accomplished by working with the HighMatch Success Team to determine which modules are the most predictive for your specific hiring needs, this way you're only measure the skills and traits that matter most to your organization - allowing you to better focus on the most qualified candidates in your funnel. 


Shortened modular assessments made with your role in mind

Pave the way towards higher assessment completion rates and better qualified candidates making it to onboarding with HighMatch’s shortened assessments. We understand the current labor shortage and the roadblocks that it presents, and we work to better your candidate experience by giving you the ability to shorten assignments however you see fit. 


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