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Topic: Candidate Experience

hiring decisions candidate experience employee retention

Employee Referrals: The Benefits and Risks
By Merhawi Kidane on February 2, 2022

Posting a job opening on a job board may generate hundreds of responses, but the quality of candidates is typically all over the map. Instead, many companies are turning to their own...

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Let the candidate experience drive job postings
By Merhawi Kidane on November 5, 2021

Job postings are the first impression that candidates have about your organization. They have the power to attract or turn away the best talent. The nature of work is changing, and it’s...

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candidate experience pre-employment assessment

How to Create a Better Assessment Experience
By Merhawi Kidane on November 5, 2021

Gemma Toth’sLinkedIn articlein which she questioned the value and accuracy of predictive analytics in the hiring process has gotten a lot of attention. As part of Toth’s application...

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