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Merhawi Kidane

Merhawi Kidane is a Content Marketing Manager at HighMatch.

sales hiring profiles

How to identify top sales professionals
By Merhawi Kidane on January 7, 2022

Sales are vital to the health and wealth of businesses. To hit your sales goals, you need a high performing sales team. It takes a specific type of person to build trust and turn prospects...

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recruiting trends diversity inclusion

10 depressing stats about workplace discrimination
By Merhawi Kidane on December 13, 2021

Despite making bold commitments to improve diversity and inclusion (D&I) that include setting hiring goals, requiring diversity training, and tying bonuses to diversity achievement, most US...

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gender bias unconscious bias gender discrimination

Gender discrimination starts in recruiting
By Merhawi Kidane on November 29, 2021

What you can do to improve gender bias in the workplace today Women in the workplace face frustrating biases that result in lower salaries, fewer promotions, and more difficulty landing a...

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HighMatch FAQ
By Merhawi Kidane on November 29, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

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hiring decisions sociability pre-employment assessment social skills measurements

Are You Confusing Sociability and Social Skills?
By Merhawi Kidane on November 29, 2021

How would you define a “people person”? We often hear people describe others as a “real people person.” However, when you press people to tell you what that means, their descriptions vary.

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hiring decisions costs of a bad hire turnover retention

The 2 Types of Costs of a Bad Hire
By Merhawi Kidane on November 29, 2021

When companies make bad hiring decisions, the impact is significant. It costs the company on two levels: tangible and intangible.

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pre-employment assessment personality fit entry level cognitive test

Personality combined with cognitive tests delivers better entry-level hires
By Merhawi Kidane on November 29, 2021

When hiring entry-level employees, some recruiters think a good attitude is all a candidate needs to succeed. They rely onpre-employment personality teststo drive their hiring decisions,...

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employee loyalty employee retention employee training

Improve Training and Increase Employee Loyalty with Pre-Employment Testing Data
By Merhawi Kidane on November 29, 2021

In the war for talent, companies need to use all the data they have to drive employee retention. And pre-employment testing data can get you a long way towards achieving this goal.

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hiring decisions job posting recruiter efficiency

How to Perform a Job Analysis
By Merhawi Kidane on November 29, 2021

Talent acquisition has a significant economic impact on the profitability of your organization. Yet, finding and matching the right people to the right jobs is a daunting task. Job analysis...

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behavioral interviewing resume screening retention turnover

Truth or fiction: looking beyond the resume
By Merhawi Kidane on November 5, 2021

A website, calledThis Resume Does Not Existcan generate fabricated resumes using data found online. The site uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate fake names,...

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